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Mikalor Worm drive hose clamp 90-110mm/16,5mm With inner-ring W3. Hersteller Produkt Nummer: K175-90-110

Mikalor Worm drive hose clamp 90-110mm/16,5mm With inner-ring W3

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This hose clamp is fitted with a stainless-steel inner-ring which is designed to give extra protection to the hose especially where it comes into contact with the underside of the clamp housing.

This clamp is particularly recommended for use on silicone hoses, which surface under the hose clamp can easily be cut/damaged when used with incorrect hose clamp.

The inner-ring fitted to this clamp prevents damage to the hose as well as distributing the pressure of the clamp evenly around the hose.

(*) It is recommended to apply up to 75% of the maximum values contained in the table.
(**) The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

Important! To choose correct clamp size, control that the hose outer diameter is within the clamping range specified in table.

Clamping range:90-110 mm
Width:16,5 mm
Fits do88 silicone hose with inner diameter:80-95 mm
Hexagon head screw:7 mm
Max thightening torque:7 Nm (*)
Max pressure:12 bar (*) (**)
Weight:56,6 g
Material:Clamp material, Stainless Steel AISI-430
Inner-ring material, Stainless Steel (DIN 1.4310) AISI 301
Corrosion resistance:200 hours salt Spray (ASTM B-117)

Artikelnummer: 522K175-90-110

Hersteller Produkt Nummer: K175-90-110