Eibach Pro-Street-Multi Suspension kit AUDI A3 (8L1) S3. Hersteller Produkt Nummer: PSM69-15-004-02-22

Eibach Pro-Street-Multi Suspension kit AUDI A3 (8L1) S3


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AUDI A3 (8L1) S3 1997 - 2003 Quattro

12.96 - 05.03
Lowering front: 25-45 mm
Lowering rear: 25-45 mm
Axle-load front: <1110 kg
Axle-load rear: <1080 kg

- Without levelling control.
- Front axle height adjustable by threaded strut, rear axle by height adjustable unit.
- Once B12 kit is installed the electronic damper control will not be available anymore. You will see a trouble code. This can be re-programed by an official garage/dealership.

Artikelnummer: 215PSM69-15-004-02-22

Hersteller Produkt Nummer: PSM69-15-004-02-22