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D1R Osram Xenarc Original. Hersteller Produkt Nummer: 66154

D1R Osram Xenarc Original

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D1R Osram Xenarc Original

Type: D1R
Voltage: 12V
Nominal wattage: 35W
Test voltage: 13.5V
Max wattage: 35W
Luminous flux: 2800lm
Color temperature: 4300K
Base: PK32d-3

Xenarc Original Line from Osram is a synonym for maximum performance. In addition to that, at 4100 Kelvin, the lamp can offer a color temperature considerably closer to daylight. This means that the road surface is illuminated better and signs of fatigue are reduced. The driver's concentration remains higher allowing him to see obstacles, or signs early on and react to them. The extreme service life of the lamps is also impressive and usually covers the life expectancy of an average vehicle. This means less waste, which is environmentally-friendly.

Artikelnummer: 30066154

Hersteller Produkt Nummer: 66154