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Coolant Hoses Red


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A hose kit developed by do88 to replace OEM radiator/cooling system hoses!

These hoses are entirely manufactured in high quality silicone for best finish and durability. With three to five layers of armory, depending of the inner diameter, the hoses withstand high pressure rates and high temperatures for a long time. The original hoses are manufactured in rubber that not seldom cracks from age. This is the durable solution for you that in addition improves the looks!

You must reuse the original hose connections. The original hose clamps need to be cut with a hacksaw (easy). The hose connection is mounted on the silicone hose with a regular hose clamp.

Hoses included:

Lower radiator hose, * DSG coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0122051AN, 5Q0122051BC, 5Q0122051CP, 5Q0122051B, 5Q0122051EG

Upper radiator hose, Radiator bleed hose, Coolant pipe hose
Reference: 5Q0122101CG, 5Q0122101DR, 5Q0122101DS, 5Q0122101AM, 5Q0122101GD

* DSG coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0121064AT

Heater hose
Reference: 5Q0122073AB

Turbocharger coolant hose
Reference: 06K121497AD, 06K121497AM, 06K121497BD

* DSG coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0121096

* DSG coolant hose, DSG coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0122058C, 5Q0122058Q

Auxiliary water pump hose
Reference: 5Q0122157AB

Heater hose, Coolant pipe hose
Reference: 5Q0122157AK

Engine bleed hose
Reference: 06K121049A

Engine bleed hose
Reference: 06K121051J, 06K121051M

Expansion tank hose
Reference: 5Q0121447G

Turbocharger coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0121058M, 5Q0121058R, 5Q0121058AE

Expansion tank hose
Reference: 5Q0122109J

** Auxiliary radiator coolant hose, Coolant pipe hose
Reference: 5Q0122058K

** Auxiliary radiator coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0121058AC

** Auxiliary radiator coolant hose
Reference: 5Q0121058AD

Turbocharger coolant hose
Reference: 06K121085A, 06K121085M

* Only cars with DSG gearbox.
** Only cars with Auxiliary radiator.

Artikelnummer: 522do88-kit187R

Hersteller Produkt Nummer: do88-kit187R