Castrol Axle Z limited slip 90. Hersteller Produkt Nummer: 154B82

Castrol Axle Z limited slip 90

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Castrol Axle Limited Slip 90
Axle fluid for use in limited slip differentials where API GL-5 performance is required.

Primarily recommended for use in limited slip differentials fitted to a wide range of Australian, American, Japanese, British and European vehicles.

Features & Benefits
Optimised and stable friction characteristics for effective operation of limited slip
differentials throughout the drain interval.
Very good anti-wear and load carrying performance even under high load conditions
prolongs component life.
Anti-weld – high tooth loadings can be tolerated.
Friction modified – providing desired frictional characteristics required by
the clutches in the limited slip differential.
High film strength – providing protection against wear.
Thermally stable additive chemistry – less sludge and cleaner gears.

  * API GL-5.
  * SAE 90.
  * US MIL-PRF-2105F, MIL-L-2105B,C,D,E.
  * Mack GO-J.

Volume: 1L

Artikelnummer: 66C154B82

Hersteller Produkt Nummer: 154B82