Project car BMW 120d

When BSR launched tuning kits for BMW cars we had an idea of making an exciting project car. We pictured a car that was really enjoyable to drive and also very all-round and suitable for many different situations. There should also be a strong connection between the car and the BSR product range. After considering this we finally decided to go for the smallest 1-series, and we purchased a BMW 120d. 
BSR has performed an extremely advanced installation, one that BMW doesn't offer from the factory. We have converted a BMW 1-series from a four cylinder turbodiesel to a six cylinder diesel with biturbo. In order to handle the increased power and torque, the automatic gearbox as well as the front and rear subframe are exchanged. This installation has been very demanding. Besides the extensive mechanical work done on the car, we also had to solve complicated software issues in order to get the control systems of the new automatic gearbox and engine to cooperate and work perfectly with the electronics and comfort systems already present in the car. The car is also equipped with a number of exterior and interior details according to the specification below. The power output and torque is now increased to a strong 340Hp and 700Nm. 

 3.0L diesel biturbo, PPC 3 BSR Tuning System®, Modified particulate filter Exhaust: BSR Sport Flow® Brakes: BMW Performance Chassis: Bilstein coilover PSS10 Wheels: AEZ Valencia 8,5x19 from OCL Brorssons (8x18 in Superstage) Tires: Bridgestone 235-35-19 (Michelin 225-40-18 in Superstage) Interior: BMW Performance: Seats, steering wheel, handbrake stick, gear stick, interior dash trim Exterior: BMW Performance carbon fiber: wing, rear-view mirror covers, splitters, diffuser

"The diesel beast that BMW forgot to build" 
The car magazine Bilsport has written an article about the project car and also tested it in their famous Superstage track. Even after the first test drive Bilsport´s legendary test driver "Gullabo" gave the comment: "Today we're gonna have a diesel record in the Superstage." You can read more about the test and the fantastic result in Bilsport issue 17 2011.


Dragstrip Day 2011
Our project car was present at the Dragstrip Day 2011 on the Emmaboda airfield. The car participated in a new event called Superstrip, which is a quarter mile cone driving contest. Since this event is totally new for the Dragstrip Day there are no earlier results to compare with, but it looked very promising when Bilsport´s test driver Gullabo forced the car between the cones. BSR was also the main sponsor for the Dragstrip Day 2011. 


Exhibited at fairs
The project car has been on several fairs. Among others the Bilsport Performance & Custom Motorshow in Jönköping Sweden. It has also participated in the Bodensee Tuning World fair in the south of Germany. Since we have customized the car with an all-round functionality in mind there was no problem at all driving the car all the way down to the south of Germany and then back to Sweden. 


Ice racing in Anttila
BSR invited some journalists and BSR dealers from Europe to an ice racing event in the cold and snowy Anttila in Sweden. Our BMW project car was of course one of the cars driven on the ice. On this event the car was equipped with stock suspension, brakes from a BMW 335d and spiketires from BF Goodrich. We had no exterior styling since the self-confidence of many drivers tends to exceed the real driving capabilities when driving on the ice. No one is mentioned and no one is forgotten. Anyway, we learned that spike tires, back wheel drive and 700Nm is something that generates a lot of fun on a frozen lake. 


Customer Event at Anderstorp Raceway
Before we launched the tuning kits for BMW, we invited all customers that pre-ordered a BMW tuning kit to a special event. After visiting and showing the BSR headquarters, we went to the Anderstorp Raceway Grand Prix track to have an unforgettable driving experience. Everyone got the opportunity to really test their own car on the track, and also to sit as a passenger in the BMW project car while a competition driver took the car around the track. This event was much appreciated by our customers.Image gallery